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International Journal of Biology Sciences

Vol. 6, Issue 1, Part C (2024)

Salivary sialic acid level and oral health statues in sample in Tikrit city


Dr. Raghad Tahseen Thanoon and Dr. Shatha Nasil Tawfeeq


Background: Gingivitis and periodontitis are prevalent chronic conditions on a global scale. 50% of persons are affected with plaque-induced gingivitis. If periodontitis is not treated, it may lead to the recession of the gums, loss of gingival tissue, alveolar bone, and tooth, resulting in a decline in masticatory function and nutritional status.
When some bacteria and their byproducts establish themselves on the gum, they secrete proteolytic enzymes and reactive oxygen species (ROS) that elevate indicators of host tissue damage, leading to the development of periodontal disease. Periodontal tissue may be harmed by free radicals due to smoking, inadequate nutrition, and reduced antioxidant (AO) capability. Smoking is a singular environmental risk factor that may be modified and has been shown to elevate the incidence of periodontal disease and alter periodontal characteristics.

Aim of the study: The aim of this study is to determine the diagnostic sialic acid percentage and its scavenger function in relation to oral health statistics.

Conclusion: A statistical analysis reveals a noteworthy association between the properties of the oral cavity and the amounts of salivary sialic acid, as well as its impact on oral health.

Statistical Analysis: The data analysis was performed with SPSS version 19.0. The current research used many statistical techniques, including descriptive analysis, analysis of variance, student T-test, linear correlation, and multiple linear regression model. It is anticipated that the analysis will provide a significance level of p < 0.05.
Important terms: salivary, oral, importance, sialic acid.

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International Journal of Biology Sciences
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Dr. Raghad Tahseen Thanoon and Dr. Shatha Nasil Tawfeeq. Salivary sialic acid level and oral health statues in sample in Tikrit city. Int. J. Biol. Sci. 2024;6(1):207-210. DOI: 10.33545/26649926.2024.v6.i1c.207
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